Designer Water Premium Grade Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water

What makes our water different?

Are all waters equal whether bottled or not?

Find out below why we think our water is the best bottled water available on the planet.

  1. Micro-clusters – makes it the most hydrating water on the planet. We have access to independent 3rd party research testing the hydration ability of various types of water, from tap to RO.
  2. Structured – the water inside your body is structured, the body can do this itself, but it adds additional strain and requires processing power which could be used for other more important bodily functions.  Here are image examples of untreated vs structured water.
  3. Anti-oxidant – most water is oxidizing (free radicals) due to the contaminants used to treat the water. Our water has been proven to reduce destructive free radicals.
  4. Alkalinity – our water is alkalizing to the body. It helps reduce acidity caused by diet, negative thoughts, emotions and over exercise.
  5. Energized – we use custom magnetic technology to further enhance and structure or energize the water.
  6. Contaminant free – it goes through 7 stages of filtration to ensure that it is clean and pure.
  7. BPA free – our bottles are made from BPA free plastics.
  8. Hydrogen enriched water, also referred to as ERW or Electrolyzed Reduced Water has been tested and proven to assist with various illnesses like diabetes, cholesterol, uric acid levels (gout), high and low blood pressure, cancer, etc. for a further list see bottom of email or contact for scientific studies and research papers. Some can be found here.
  9. Weight loss – based on the research by Dr. Robert Young and the pH Miracle program it is thought that fat is merely bound up toxins, and excess acidity. Once you increase alkalinity in the body you are able to release the toxins through the four channels of elimination, urination, defecation, respiration and perspiration. Water is an essential part of this process and is required for all bodily functions and to maintain optimum health. Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water is the cornerstone of the pH Miracle cleanse which is a two week detox program, to date the minimum weight loss is 6.5 kg and up to 10 kg in the two week period.

All orders are made to order as we produce it fresh to ensure effectiveness and increase shelf life.  To see pricing please click here. Wholesale pricing is available. Please contact

Body cells live in their own small ocean, which extends to the inner cell itself. Only a lively water carries all the needed nourishment that allow body cells to prosper.

All living beings depend on water and their content is mostly water.

Water is our inner nature, our energetic and phylogenetic heritage: by means of it, Syntropic Energy Information (Life Promoting Information) are reaching us, enhancing our wellbeing, prosperity and the general quality of our lives.

Our water has gone through seven stages of filtration to remove impurities like chlorine and its by-products, fluoride, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, virus, bacteria etc. to give your ultra purified, Premium Grade Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water.

There are a lot of companies selling Water Ionizers and water that contains dissolved Alkaline Minerals in it. All water ionizer manufacturers claim that their water is micro-clustered and structured, the truth behind this though is that not many companies have actual evidence or proof of whether their water is structured or micro-clustered. We can prove that our water is micro-clustered, structured and that it is further enhanced or energized. For more information and images click here.

Step 1 – Filtration

Step 2 – Ionization

Step 3 – Energization

To our knowledge we are the only company doing this on the continent.

We only use pure titanium plates covered with nano plated, double dipped platinum and is powered by Chanson Water Ionizers.