Energized Structured Water

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at the images below and see how we take regular water and turn it into Filtered, Ionized, Energized and Designer Water.

Step 1 – Filtration – Our water goes through seven stages of filtration to ensure that the water is extremely clean and pure. The below is an example of unstructured filtered water. Typically the higher the oxidation factor or ORP the more unstructured the water. Click here to see examples of different types of water and their cluster sizes. The higher the number the more unstructured the water is and the larger the cluster sizes. The higher the number the less hydrating that type of water will be.


Step 2 – Ionization - after being ionized through a Chanson Miracle Max water ionizer. As you can see the water is re-structured. This type of water is better for human consumption and more hydrating due to the smaller water molecule cluster sizes. This type of water has been referred to as wetter water and some actually say that it is 6 x more hydrating than regular water.

After Ionization

Step 3 – Energization – we have an exciting technology from a leading Italian company Aetere’s that specializes in Smart Energy Technology called PHIWater which we add into our Chanson Water Ionizers that energizes and super structures the water. As far as we know there is no other product like it. That is why we call our water Premium Grade Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water.

Energized Water

Images obtained by Visionlab’s SAT (Spagyric Advanced Technology)Technology which is their process for imaging the life force of food and drink. SAT’s crystalline images depict the life force of the matter being imaged, and the quality of its subtle energy can be assessed by the form and harmony of the crystals’ shapes and structures.