Micro-Clustered Water

Micro cluster Test on Chanson Alkaline Water by Tsinghua University in Taiwan 

Water from a Chanson Water Ionizer was tested and proven to measure 47.82 Hz which is considered to be the tiniest possible cluster of water molecules. This type of water is characterized by a high-reduction power or (Negative ORP) with a higher oxygen content. In Taiwan it is considered to improve health due to its micro-clustering ability and antioxidant value.

New advances in chemistry and physics now prove that all water is not the same.

Researchers use NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) to determine the molecular size of water. This is one of the few ways available to scientists to prove and verify a small water cluster size.

How does this work? 

NMR relaxation time reflects the speed of molecular rotation (how long it takes for a molecule to return to its original position after magnetic alignment).

The larger the molecular structure or water cluster the longer they take to realign themselves. The below results are a comparison of molecular size, determined by NMR. The larger the number, the wider the line width, the larger the molecule.

In The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, a book written by Dr. Jhon, his research shows that normal tap water has a line width of between 100 to 150 Hz. This indicates that the water is in a disorganized state and has a cluster size of 12 to 13 H2o molecules per cluster. Ionized water is known to achieve a line width of between 60 – 80 Hz. Based on the research by the Tsinghua University of Taiwan (3rd party independently lab tested) water from a Chanson Water Ionizer resulted in an incredibly small line width of 47.82 Hz.

Below the table illustrates the various line widths of many different types of water. The smaller the line width, the smaller its cluster. These smaller clusters have a greater chance of penetrating the cellular membrane and improving hydration. There are very few water ionizer companies out there that have any solid scientific evidence backing their products and proving that the water produced by their ionizers is micro-clustered. This is one of the reasons why water from a Chanson Water Ionizer has been referred to as “wetter water”.

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